With California being the sunniest state in the country, it’s no surprise that California lawmakers and regulators are on the verge of requiring all new homes to be built with solar panels. Although this isn’t a done deal, there is every indication that this will push through and it could drastically affect the future of the state’s solar energy industry. Under this regulation, having solar panels on the roofs of all new houses, apartments and condominiums are compulsory. There are a few exceptions, of course, like when your property is covered by trees or taller buildings, or when a solar panel can’t fit on your home. But having to go green is the way to go is your property is new or under construction.

California’s Energy Commission will not require a net-zero situation. That is when the annual energy consumption of a home is offset by the energy production of a solar installation. However, compliance credits will be given for those builders who install energy storage devices. This is probably in response to statements saying that solar panels will not work in blackouts since they are still tied to the grid, not to the house itself. This makes a lot of sense. If you can’t hook up your solar panels directly to your house wiring, the reasonable thing to do is invest in storage devices so excess energy can be used when the grid is turned off for whatever reason.

There is an expected spike on the cost of constructing the new property due to this mandate. Most estimates are around $25,000 to $30,000. However, using solar panels will save homeowners somewhere around $50,000 to $60,000 over the installation’s lifetime. An ROI of 200% isn’t bad at all, but it could be better since electricity costs are not expected to go down anytime soon.

This move is expected to take effect probably next year barring a surprise no vote. This would make California the first state to require solar panels, instead of it just being an option. This could have a lot of repercussions on the energy and solar industry, and could potentially change everything. The requirement will mean a lot of new business for the solar industry, from technology development to sales and installation. Right now, you’re probably asking “What steps should I take to be ready for this?”. If you’re not into getting a new home or constructing one, then there is little to worry about. If you’re a home builder on a new project or the owner of a house being built, you should take steps to find the best solar energy company that suits your needs. Solar company in California are fast becoming the norm and people need to keep up.

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