Solar Companies in California

California Solar

There are many companies in California for Solar. We’ve put together a quick list of these companies for you.

Soleeva Energy

Soleeva Energy, based in San Jose, is one of the most advanced solar companies in California. It is rare that a company designs, manufactures and installs solar systems end to end and takes full accountability of the project results and Soleeva just does that. Soleeva is in the league of its own, but we have also put together some other companies.

  1. Tesla

Tesla is a big name that provides a comprehensive solar energy solution. Headquarter of Tesla in Palo Alto. It provides different solar energy products ranging from rooftop solar tiles to solar energy storage devices.

Tesla offers its services for commercial and residential properties, government agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security and other non-profit organizations. Additionally, this company develops more practical and efficient energy and worked on numerous research documents and published different research papers at a professional level.

  1. Vivint

Vivint Solar is another big name in solar panel installation. However, it is has gained popularity from a residential installer experience. This company is working in more than fourteen states and still expanding to other states as well.

Vivint is expending its business and taking on the IoT (Internet of Things) under an agreement with Vivint Smart Home. This company has introduced an amazing home power management system. This management system helps them to configure and change the setting of different devices via a centralized panel.

  1. SunPower

SunPower is a local installer that has introduced solar and smart home technology. SunPower Equinox provides a complete energy management solution including both smart energy infrastructure and power generation.

This company is capable to design and manufactures its own solar panels that increase 22% efficiency rate by capturing more sunlight. By using different panels, the company can produce 70% more energy in the same area as compared to other conventional panels.

  1. Sunrun

Sunrun is one of the leading solar panel installers that have the capability to design custom solar systems to achieve maximum output. The company has a really good reputation in terms of pricing and transparency.

Sunrun allows its customer to sign for a lease, purchase panels, and different battery storage systems and take out a loan. The company offers a lifetime warranty and provides a mobile app to monitor the system’s performance.

  1. Baker Electric Solar

This company has received a Torch Award from the Better Business Bureau. The company was awarded due to its quality and dedication to customer services and providing the best innovation in the solar energy industry.

This firm was established in 1938 and it has completed more than 7,000 solar power installations so far in California. The company uses high-quality and pure silicon photovoltaic cells in its solar panels and provides a 25-years warranty on its equipment.


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